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Music elevating the Spirit

All cultures of the world are flowers, branches and fruits of the same tree of life. They are different but contribute essentially to the same beauty that is humanity. The founders and deities of the religions of the world have expressed love, brother (sister) hood and self knowledge as the essence of their teachings. If they are one family: why shouldn’t we be?

OneTree´s music is an expression of love and joy, touching the heart and elevating the spirit. Most compositions are built on traditional lyrics and prayers from the world’s religions which are brought to life through beautiful melodic structures.




Compositions, Voice, Viola



Compositions, Voice, Harmonium

Michael PAUL

Michael PAUL

Compositions, Guitar



Flute, Saxophone



Percussion (Tabla, Udu)

Guest Musicians

Guest Musicians

Sia Reddy - Sarangi
Zuzanna Dallosova - Violin / Violine
Malte Raff - bass guitar / E-Bass

"The Inner Kingdom"

Divinity within

We are pleased to announce that after more than 5 years, after the ‚Golden String‘ debut album, OneTree releases its second longplayer: ‚The Inner Kingdom‘


Soon available to purchase as physical CD and digital download! Stay tuned and pre-register for physical copies by writing to: purejoyrecords@gmail.com

‚The Inner Kingdom‘ is an 11 track cd-album including 8 original compositions and 3 reinterpretations with 51min playing time. Contact us for pre-orders!




1. Hildegard ́s Prayer

2. Tu Felix Anima

3. The Holy Names of Fatima

4. Vardhamana Mahavira

5. Om Namah Shivaya

6. The Whirling Dance of Rumi

7. Guan Yin

8. Shri Jesus Lord Ganesh

9. Yeha Noha

10. Nkosi Sikelel‘ iAfrica

11. Mother of One Tree

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"The Golden String"

A Multi-religious Concept Album

 ‚The Golden String‘ is a multi-religious music album full of original compositions expressing a heartfelt message of inner peace and ultimate human oneness.

‚All cultures of the world are flowers, branches and fruits of the same tree of life. They are superficially different, but equal in their essence. The same applies to world religions, whose founders and deities have all spoken about unconditional love, brother (-sister) hood and self-knowledge. ‚



1. Shri Bhumi Devi Vandana – A prayer of hinduism – Lyrics: Traditional – Composition: OneTree

2. Ani Ma´Amin – A traditional Jewish song – Arrangement: OneTree

3. Muhammad Rasul Allah – Based on the holy names of Allah – Lyrics: Traditional Islam – Composition: OneTree

4. The Lord Is My Shepheard – A prayer to the Lord – Lyrics: Bible, Psalm 23 – Composition: OneTree

5. Buddham Sharanam Gacchami – The main devotional prayer of Buddhism – Lyrics: Traditional – Composition: OneTree

6. Cuncti Simus Concanentes – A prayer to Mother Mary – Lyrics: 15th Century Traditional – Composition: OneTree

7. The Golden String – A spiritual Poem of the English mystic William Blake – Composition: OneTree

8. Beauty of Life – Inspired by a Poem of Rabindranath Tagore – Lyrics: Imaginative – Composition: OneTree

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